YouTube Live- What’s All the Fuss About?

So, you might already know that YouTube has been plugging their

live-stream option to compete with Facebook live. So, I thought I’d

write a blog post to explore what all the fuss is about!


Live streaming has been available since 2011 on YouTube.

However, Google limited it to only specific YouTube channels.

Whereas, now you only need 100 subscribers to get going

with live streams. So, why would you want to start doing

lives? Lives are fabulous for providing prospects an alternative

way to engage with you, build loyal fans and strengthen your

authority. Here are a few features that make YouTube Live



1. Chat


You’re able to talk to your followers throughout the live stream.

Chat bubbles appear over the video, allowing you to reach out to

fans. Google has listened to feedback from those who trialled it

and they’ve responded. Now, comments from viewers come in at

a much slower rate. This helps the host stay on top of their

messages and gives them a chance to engage more with their



2. Super Chat


This feature is my personal favourite! Namely because you can

earn some extra cash. Viewers can pay to have their messages

highlighted and pinned to the top of the chat box for 5 hours. So

now you can personally reach out to your super fans. This is a

perfect tool for nurturing your following.




3. Lives Are in Right Now


People are excited at the prospect of viewing live video. YouTube

live is more accessible than ever because of its addition to the

mobile app. Anticipation is key. Tell your audience to tune in at a

certain time to create a sense of urgency. Building up expectation

and hype for your brand is easy to do if YouTube live is used

properly. So be sure not to disappoint. Content is key! Be

engaging…crack a joke. Deliver information that your viewers

need! People appreciate that live streams are unedited, so don’t

worry about tripping over your words once in a while. Producing

genuine, raw content often boosts your credibility and helps

cement your authority in the minds of the viewer.


4. You Can Rank Your Live Once You’ve Stopped Streaming


Make the most of the YouTube live you’ve created. Your video will

immediately be archived on your channel. So, you can then

optimize your video to try and get it ranked! So, capitalize on this,

draw in more sales- whilst providing your audience with high

quality content. Win-win all round!


5. Decent Quality Video


Instant transcoding occurs on the cloud. Hence, YouTube should

receive the highest quality stream possible. The video will be

available straight away in all resolutions and for all devices. If

you’re an AV buff and want a higher level of production you can

display numerous camera angles. However, running complicated

lives isn’t imperative to success. You can keep it as basic as you

want. It’s just nice to have the option. Lastly, you can insert closed

captions, pictures and pre-recorded “B-Roll” video!



6. Test, Test, Test


You’re able to monitor the stats throughout the live stream. This

includes stream status, number of concurrent viewers and average

live view duration. When you get into the habit of releasing lives

you’ll begin to pick up what works and what doesn’t. Eventually

you’ll be able to tailor your content to what your audience

responds to the best! Clearly, there are loads of reasons why you

should go live. Here are a few ways to ensure you make the most

of it:

Make sure you intentionally interact with your viewers-

People love this! Building trust with your audience is key. The

more viewers know, like and trust you the more they’ll engage

with your brand.

Host an event! This is a great way to provide valuable content in

whatever niche you’re in and display that you’re an authority in

your industry.

Consider doing a series of free training- decide on a specific day

and time each week. People love consistency and it’s great to

show your customers you’re giving up your time to serve them.



Build community- Lives are a great place for your fans to interact

with each other over your brand. It’s just like the snowball effect.

Once you have a few fans raving about your product/service it will

encourage others to engage with your brand and the cycle will



I hope this blog post has been useful. I wish you the best of luck if

you're going to host your own YouTube live. I'm sure you'll smash


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