Should I Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the internet. People know, like and trust the brand. So, naturally if you’re considering affiliate marketing you may wonder whether it’s worth becoming an Amazon affiliate. Throughout this article we’ll explore whether it’s worth your time.



Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I want to make you aware of something important. Beware of people claiming to work for Amazon. There are people out there charging as much as $1,000 to become an Amazon affiliate! This is a SCAM. The Amazon affiliate programme is FREE! So, make sure you don’t fall victim to this.


Will I Be Accepted onto The Programme?

Read their guidelines and you can’t go too far wrong. You must have a website with a privacy policy. If you have enough content on there you shouldn’t be rejected. The main reason people don’t get accepted is because they’re promoting products that contravene Amazon’s T’s and C’s. Websites that promote sexually explicit material, violence, discrimination or anything that’s illegal won’t be approved.

Is There Money to Be Made?

In short, yes.

HOWEVER, the amount of money you’ll make is highly dependent on the kinds of products you’ll be selling. This is because the commission you make is much lower than other affiliate networks (such as ClickBank). So, if you want to make serious money on Amazon you need to be selling high value products. Naturally, these kinds of products are harder to sell because people are reluctant to part with their cash. So, you need to be able to drive laser targeted traffic to your promotions.

So, How Do the Commissions Work?

Amazon has two structures when it comes to paying commission:

  1. Volume based rates
  2. Fixed rates

For certain product categories, e.g. electronic products, the commission will remain the same. Whereas, the products that aren’t listed with a fixed rate of commission will be based on how much you sell. So, the percentage of commission you make will depend on the volume you manage to shift. You can make up to 8.5%. However, this rate is decided at the start of the month so can vary.

Benefits of Amazon’s Affiliate Programme

☺ People trust Amazon!

☺ You can sell pretty much anything!

☺ Amazon’s sales funnel converts well.

☺ This one’s my favourite- you make commission off ANYTHING they purchase on Amazon when they’ve got there via your affiliate link.

Evidently, there’re benefits to becoming an Amazon affiliate. However, because the commission pay-out is so low- you need to be making more sales in comparison to selling certain products on networks like ClickBank. In short, for the same amount of effort, you could be making more profit elsewhere. That for me makes the Amazon affiliate programme a waste of time, if it’s your main income source.



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