How Do I Get My Videos on the First Page of Google?

So, most of my blog posts focus on ranking your videos on

YouTube. But, why stop there?! With a little effort you could also

rank your videos all over the first page of Google!


There are loads of video sharing sites other than YouTube that can

help make this happen for you. As you’ve already shot a video, it’s

worth taking the extra time to get your video ranked elsewhere. In

addition to YouTube;, and also provide the perfect platform for ranking your

video on the first page of Google. If you were to take the time and

optimize your video for your chosen keyword (as discussed in a

separate blog post) on each of these platforms there's a chance

that you'd end up taking the majority of real estate on Google's

first page!



Other Ways of Getting to the First Page of Google

Google Plus- So, a few years ago Google released Google+ to

compete with Facebook. However, it didn’t really take off. So, in a

bid to increase its popularity Google has traditionally prioritized

content on this platform. This means that creating a Google+ article

featuring your YouTube video is a really good thing to do. Namely

because there’s a high chance it will rank well.



Forums- YouTube and Google also favour online communities like

forums. If you make a relevant post in a forum, which includes your

keyword, you could get it ranked on Google’s first page.

HOWEVER, do NOT spam your keyword and link across an entire

forum post. Use forums properly by searching for forums

dedicated to your industry. Once you’ve found one, sign up.

Forums that’re free and allow you to have a signature are ideal. A

forum signature is like a footnote. It usually appears directly

beneath your posts and you can put links in it. So, add the link to

your YouTube video there.Create a new thread on the forum and

name it after your keyword. Sit back and hope it ranks!


I hope you found this blog post useful!

Best Wishes,




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