9 Tips for Applying to CPA Networks

You may find you have to apply to CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) networks before you’re able to promote their products. This can sometimes be intimidating when you’re new to the online marketing game. So, I thought I’d give you a few handy tips for filling out these applications.

  1. If you have zero experience with CPA/ affiliate marketing then avoid applying to the top CPA networks (e.g. MaxBounty, Peerfly and Neverblue). Wait until you’ve had some experience and made a profit to prove you’ve had some success. These networks will only allow you to promote their products after a telephone interview. They’ll question you about your previous experience in the field- so be prepared.

2.  Apply to a few networks at once, instead of applying for one            then waiting to hear back. If you apply for five, you may be                accepted by two or three. It’s a numbers game so keep                      plugging at it

3. Some networks have higher entry requirements than others. If         you’re having trouble, try searching for a list of networks that’re      easier to get into. These are the low hanging fruit. Eventually,          you’ll gain more experience which’ll help for future applications      to more exclusive networks.

4. If you have no marketing experience to note on the application      form, list the trainings you’ve completed and the methods you        intend to use. Show that you’re a knowledgeable marketer. The      aim is to make the network believe that it’s in their interest to let      you promote their products. So, show them what you have!              Offline marketing experience is also valuable to note.

5. Be bold in your applications - don't plead and make excuses for       lack of experience. Networks are looking for people who’re               going to make sales. So, try and come across as an authority.

6. If you have a business email- use that. You’re more likely to be         accepted with this kind of email.

7. Once you’ve applied, try to telephone the network directly.               Showing that you’re pro-active is never a bad thing- make                 yourself memorable in a good way!


8. A lot of networks use software that works out whether you’re           being fraudulent. So, tell the truth! Don’t falsify information, you’ll     be caught out and you’ll quickly lose your credibility.

9. Do your homework! Make sure you know about the                             product/offer you want to promote from the network. As well as     a bit about that niche, try not to sound like a complete newbie!



I hope you found this helpful! Best of luck with your applications.

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