7 Wedding Favours All Brides Should Consider

When it comes to adding your personal touch to your special day, wedding favours provide the perfect opportunity! However, thinking outside the box and finding something unique can sometimes be a little tricky. Everyone wants to add something to their wedding that highlights their personality. So, I’ve put a few ideas together that may prompt some inspiration for your own wedding favours- I hope you find them helpful

Pumpkin Carriages

There are loads of carriage designs out there. Some are made of metal, plastic, card etc. so it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend and the sort of style you’re after. Most act as boxes for your favorite sweet treats. Needless to say, these are great for Disney-obsessed brides to be!

Mini Jam Jars

I’ve also seen mini jam jars work well. They’re perfect for any rustic chic themed reception. Some couples choose to have their jars personalized with their initials or the date of their wedding. This is a simple yet classy way of adding your personal touch to your big day.

Your Favourite Confectionary

This may sound obvious. However, when you start thinking of things you can serve other than traditional sweets, the possibilities are endless! Serving your favorite confectionary is a great way of bringing your character to the table. You could maybe consider: cake pops, flavored nougat, homemade fudge, mini cupcakes etc. They look fabulous and always provide a talking point with your guests- great for breaking the ice!

Your Favourite Hot Drink

This may sound a little odd but bear with me. I don’t mean you should serve your guests a hot drink. Rather, you should bag up your favorite loose tea! There are loads of little favour bags (made of organza or netting) that you can source. Pick a color that suits your wedding theme and then stuff them with beautifully scented teas. Or, if you’re a coffee addict (like myself!) you could try putting coffee beans in little bags instead.  

Mini Bottles of Bubbles

Small bottles of bubbles have become increasingly popular as wedding favours, especially for summer weddings. You can even get mini bottle of bubbles with little hearts on the stick! These definitely add a splash of fun to your wedding breakfast and can make for stunning photographs.

Fortune Cookies

If you’re a couple who’s renowned for their love of Chinese takeout- this suggestion may be for you! Giving your guests fortune cookies as wedding favours can be adorable. Especially if you get the message inside personalised. You could get something printed that’s unique to you as a couple. Maybe you have a motto you both stand by? Maybe you have a joke you’d like to share? Or maybe, you’d just like your names and the date of your wedding? Either way, people won’t be forgetting that in a hurry!


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