Three Handy Tips to Get Your YouTube Videos Ranked

For any YouTuber, getting high rankings on both Google and YouTube is the aim. The three tips discussed in this post will definitely steer you in the right direction. So, pay close attention if ranking your videos is something you’re struggling with!

  1. Keyword Research

    Keyword research is fundamental to ensuring your YouTube video ranks on the first page of Google and YouTube.

    Presently, there aren’t any tools available that will assess keyword search volume on YouTube. However, that shouldn’t stop you researching!

    As a rule, the search volume for a keyword displayed on Google Keyword Planner will approximately be the same for YouTube. So, this is a fantastic tool to use! However, if you want to be even more confident that your keyword is being searched for, you could check out the auto suggestions that YouTube populates.

    Firstly, type into the search bar the keyword you want to rank for. Then, if you put an underscore either before or after your keyword, it shows commonly used words that surround your keyword. This is brilliant for broadening your keyword research. You can then plug these suggestions back into the Google Keyword Planner for further analysis.



  1. Create Backlinks for Free

    Quora and Yahoo Answers are perfect places to post links to your YouTube video. They are ideal for harnessing free laser targeted traffic, as well as providing decent quality backlinks that will help rank your video. All you need to do, is search for your industry. The people on here are literally desperate to find the answers to questions that you can solve for them! It’s a win-win for everyone! Plus it’s free for you to use.


  1. Increase Your Watch Time

Since October 2012, watch time has become incredibly important for ranking videos. This  refers to the amount of time viewers stay on your video. The longer the better! Here are a few ways to boost your watch time:

  1. Make sure your title and thumbnail accurately represent your video’s content. – It’s not enough to just do keyword research and competition analysis. If your content isn’t congruent with your title and thumbnail, then your viewer will inevitably leave your video.
  2. Be sure to grab their attention straight away! – Setting the tone of your video from the beginning is vital. Make sure that you’re excited about the topic. High energy is infectious and draws people in. If you manage to achieve this, people are far more likely to stay on your video for longer.
  3. Use YouTube Analytics to see which videos work. – The best resources include the ‘Watch Time Report’ and ‘Audience Retention Report’. These allow you to see which videos have the best watch times. You can then use this data to test what content works best in your videos. If there’s recurring dips in audience retention you should be able to work out what you’re doing wrong and improve on that.



These are just a few snippets of advice that will help rank your videos. There are plenty of other ways you can optimize your video for a particular keyword. However, that will be covered in a future blog post. So, stay tuned for more. Best of luck getting your YouTube videos ranked!



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