10 Things That Will Help Rank Your YouTube Videos!

So, you have a product or service you want to promote. You know

you’re able to provide value within your niche and you want to

monetize this knowledge. So now begs the question- how do I

drive traffic with a limited budget? One word; YOUTUBE! This is

one of the cheapest and most effective ways to drive laser

targeted traffic to your promotions. So, I thought I’d write a post

detailing what YouTube’s algorithm takes into consideration when

organizing their rankings.

  1. Keyword Competitiveness

First things first- plug the keyword you want to rank for into

YouTube. Assess what kinds of channels are ranking. Do they have

lots of content? Have they got loads of subscribers? Has the video

got a crazy amount of views? If you’re answering yes to all these

questions, then the keyword probably isn’t worth going for. Yes,

we can outrank larger channels. However, why make it harder for

yourself? Go for the low hanging fruit. Find keywords that don’t

have fierce competition and make your life easier.


  1. Title

Your title should be your keyword plus something enticing. For

example: How to Build a Business Using YouTube – The 3 Main

Strategies. Here the keyword is: ‘How to Build a Business Using

YouTube’ and the enticing phrase is: ‘The 3 Main Strategies’. This

communicates to YouTube what you’re trying to rank for and helps

optimize your video for your chosen keyword.

  1. Description

Your video’s description is imperative. It’s an opportunity to tell

YouTube about the content of your video, without looking like a

bot. Here’s a general checklist of what to include:

1. Put a clickable link to where you want to drive traffic at the top of

your description.

2. Include your keyword immediately after this link.

3. Include a long description and be sure to incorporate your

keyword between 3-4 times.

  1. Tags

Do NOT stuff your tags box with hundreds of tags. This will

confuse YouTube. Tags tell YouTube what you’re trying to rank for.

So, keep this section keyword focused. Use tags that are the same

as your keyword or similar to it.

  1. Backlinks

A backlink is a link on a different website, pointing to your

YouTube video. The more backlinks your video has, the more

popular it appears to Google. This will encourage YouTube to rank

your video higher. So, create content that people want to share.

This will increase the chances of backlinks forming naturally.

Alternatively, you can outsource the creation of backlinks.

However, be sure to use someone reputable!

  1. Watch Time

I talk about this in greater detail in a previous blog post;3 Handy

Tips to Get Your YouTube Videos Ranked That You Probably

Didn’t Know About’ (So be sure to check this out!).

However, since October 2012 watch time has become incredibly

important for ranking your video. This refers to the amount of time

viewers stay on your video. The longer the better! A good watch

time score tells YouTube that people want to engage with your

content. YouTube wants to promote engaging content on their

platform. So naturally, they’ll be more inclined to rank your video

to give it more exposure.



  1. Total Views

YouTube also takes into consideration the amount of view a video

has. However, these views need to be genuine. There’s no point in

click farming- this could damage your video’s SEO.

  1. Likes and Dislikes

Positive feedback is always a good thing! This can be measured

via the number of likes your video has. These are great for showing

social proof. It shows viewers that others are enjoying your content

which will help build trust. When people trust you, they’re more

likely to engage with your brand.

  1. Embeds

YouTube can see how many times your video has been

embedded. So, be sure to embed your video on your blog to get

the ball rolling!

  1. Social Shares

This refers to the number of people sharing your video on social

media sites like Facebook, Pinterest etc. The more shares the

better! This also counts towards the number of natural backlinks

your video is accruing.

I hope found this blog useful!

Best Wishes,





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